Why law firms are a target for criminals – and what you can do about it

The vast majority of cyber crime has a financial motive. Criminals want to make a quick return, and so will target assets that they can disrupt, and operations that they can compromise. Law firms make good targets because of:

  • The reliance on documents to generate revenue and provide client service. If the documents have been encrypted by ransomware, the firm grinds to a halt. The latest versions of ransomware also target databases – so the firm’s practice management system is also at risk
  • The amount of email correspondence received – this provides a great opportunity for phishing attacks
  • The number and value of funds transfers – especially if the firm is involved in conveyancing

Frequently Asked Questions

I have an IT vendor. Why should I use Secure Strategy?

We are independent and completely focused on providing security advice and services to reduce the risk for our clients. We work with you and your IT vendor to achieve this. Because we only focus on security, we know about the latest risks and can help you avoid them. And we don’t sell hardware or software, so you can be sure that the advice we give you is solely for your benefit.

Our Difference

Traditionally, IT security has focused on technology measures such as firewalls, anti-spam and anti-virus.

However, that’s not what criminals pay attention to. They target your business assets such as documents and other files, email, and business processes such as payment instructions.

And the world has moved on from only having business information stored in offices, and only having staff use computers in those offices. Now business data can be stored in on-premise  servers and in public or private data centres,  and staff often work from outside the office.

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