Our Difference

Traditionally, IT security has focused on technology measures such as firewalls, anti-spam and anti-virus.

However, that’s not what criminals pay attention to. They target your business assets such as documents and other files, email, and business processes such as payment instructions.

And the world has moved on from only having business information stored in offices, and only having staff use computers in those offices. Now business data can be stored in on-premise  servers and in public or private data centres,  and staff often work from outside the office.

At Secure Strategy, we understand this new world. We help you identify your business assets and processes that are at most risk of attack, no matter where they reside. Then we work with you and your  IT team or provider to secure those areas. Finally, we provide you with a plan to help secure your business into the future.

We help at every level of an organisation by working  with boards, management and staff to create a cybersecurity framework and by providing training to raise security awareness



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