Where possible we provide a fixed price for services we offer.

Prices for our standard services are as follows:

Independent Security Review (1-20users)$2,000
Independent Security Review (21-50 users)$3,000
Independent Security Review (51+ users)Scoped per client
Website Security Review (no login area)$1,500
Website Security Review (with login area)$2,000
Website PCIDSS Compliance Service (per month)$200
External Vulnerability Scan (per month)$100
Phishing Awareness Exercise (1-50 users)$600
Phishing Awareness Exercise (51-100 users)$900
Phishing Awareness Exercise (101+ users)Scoped per client
Security Awareness Training (per session)$600
Online Cyber Security Training $30 per user per year
General Cyber Security Advice$150 per hour
Virtual IT Security Manager ServiceScoped per client

Our other services are priced based on your individual requirements.

If you’d like to order any of our services, then please contact us and we will send a detailed proposal.

All pricing excludes GST.

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