External Vulnerability Scan

Human error is a major cause of cyber security incidents. Misconfiguring a firewall or forgetting to apply the latest patches to a server or website can lead to systems being compromised, with the potential for ransomware infections or the theft of confidential data. Hackers constantly scan for ways through firewalls, and for vulnerabilities in servers.And lists of vulnerable servers are sold on the dark web.

We can give you peace of mind by regularly checking for errors so that they can be resolved quickly before hackers and other criminals take advantage of them. Our scanning tools are constantly updated to look for the latest vulnerabilities.

We scan your external Internet connections every day and are alerted if there are any changes to your firewall. We also run a full external scan of your websites and other Internet connected servers each month to see if any new vulnerabilities are found. We will advise you and your IT team/provider if we find changes or issues.

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