Online Cyber Security Training

Our online cyber security course is designed to be easy to use, and can be accessed from PCs/Macs, tablets and smartphones. We offer a flexible training programme to allow staff to leave part way through and to resume later at their, or your, convenience. New staff can undertake the course as part of their induction and we can provide a report on the progress of each staff member.

Our course takes your staff through an introduction to cyber security and then provides in depth information on how to spot and protect against different types of attacks. To engage your staff we also include a lesson on how they can protect themselves at home.

Introduction to Cyber Security

In this lesson staff will learn about the cyber security threats that organisations face, why they exist, and some ways they can start to protect themselves at work and at home.

Email Security

This lesson focuses on email attacks – what they are, how they happen, how to spot them, and what a person should do if they have clicked on a suspicious link or attachment. We provide examples of phishing emails to increase awareness and provide a further level of comfort and understanding.

Browsing the web

A lesson designed to teach/inform staff how to protect their computer and your business when browsing the web, and how to identify secure websites. Your business will benefit from staff being more cautious, and understanding the warning signs of an insecure website.

Protecting your work account

In this lesson staff will learn why criminals steal passwords and how to protect their work account and the confidential and private information that it can access. They will learn how to choose strong, unique and memorable passwords, add protection to mobile devices, and guard against scammers.


Email based fraud is an issue that affects every business. Staff will learn to identify how it happens, procedures to reduce risk, and what to do if funds have been transferred by mistake. A good level of understanding here is vital and after taking this lesson, staff should be confident in identifying the signs of fraud.

Privacy and confidentiality

In this lesson staff will learn how to protect valuable private and confidential information. It will explain the full extent of what is private and confidential, give examples of data breaches, and provide guidelines to reduce the risk of information being lost.

Protecting yourself at home

By making staff aware of the risks in home computing, they will become more aware of those same risks at work. The more confident employees are, the more likely they will be to approach management to draw attention to potential cyber risks facing the business.

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