Security Awareness Training

Firewalls, anti-virus and anti-spam can only provide limited protection. Criminals constantly change their virus files and delivery mechanisms to stay two steps ahead of security software companies. And they also use social engineering and email communications that appear genuine to convince users to download ransomware, provide confidential information such as usernames and passwords, and to pay money as part of fraudulent transactions.

Your staff are the last line of defence. And the more aware they are of the types of attacks they could encounter, the abler they will be to spot these attacks and thwart them.

We can run security awareness sessions for your staff. These are engaging, fun and non-technical. We explain:

  • Why criminals have changed their focus from disruption to financial gain
  • The common attacks that firms experience
  • How to spot attacks, and what to do
  • Measures to stay protected at work and at home




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