Virtual IT Security Manager

Ensuring that your information systems and data are properly secured against attack is critical for any organisation. Their IT team or support partner may have implemented some security features, but these will be technology focused (firewalls, anti-virus, MFA etc.). Often there is no-one within the organisation who has the experience with cyber security to ask the right questions of IT, and to provide good advice to senior management. The amount of work required may not justify hiring a full-time IT security manager. However there is a solution that will enable organisations to get the expertise they need on an on-going basis, whilst being cost-effective.

We can provide a Virtual IT Security Manager service. Based on your needs, we can allocate a number of hours or days per week/month to:

  • review security measures in place
  • create an achievable plan to reduce risk
  • provide advice on new systems being considered
  • review proposals from IT vendors
  • assist with the response to security incidents
  • create or improve internal policies and procedures
  • conduct internal and external vulnerability scanning
  • conduct basic web penetration testing
  • provide security reports to the management team


Our service can be provided in-person (if in the Christchurch area) or by video-conference nationwide.

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