Website Security Review

Criminals are constantly looking for vulnerabilities in web servers and will take advantage of them as soon as they can. The impact can be disastrous to your business. From defacement to ransomware infecting visitors to your website, through to the theft of confidential information that your clients enter. And web browsers are beginning to alert users if a website is deemed insecure.

Both the underlying web server software (Windows or Linux) and the content management system used by your web developer (e.g. WordPress) can be vulnerable. We have seen business websites infected by malware which then infected clients (and potential clients) who browsed to that site.

Our Website Security Review can give you peace of mind by checking your site for errors and vulnerabilities so that they can be resolved before the criminals take advantage of them.  Our scanning tools are continually updated to look for the latest issues in web servers, including those that use common content management systems such as WordPress and Joomla.

What we do

  • We review the intended use of your website and determine the likely attacks that criminals would make.
  • We liaise with your web hosting provider as our scans may create alerts on any intrusion detection systems in place. We also ask them about the backups of your website to understand how it could be restored in the event of an attack
  • We run a full scan of your website including any areas secured by a login using the credentials you supply.  We use a number of  different scanners to provide an an-depth review of any security issues.
  • We provide a report summarising our findings and recommendations and include the details of vulnerabilities for your web developer to investigate and resolve.


Reduced risk

The majority of websites that suffer some sort of compromise do so because well-known vulnerabilities were not resolved. Our scanning tools will search your website for these issues, enabling them to be resolved before they can be used by criminals.

Securing access

Criminals use both technology and social engineering to gain access to confidential information. We provide advice on securing passwords to reduce the risk of a data breach.

Peace of mind

The majority of hackers are motivated by financial gain and need to make a return on their investment in software and time. If their initial scans show that a website has reasonable security in place they will move on to easier targets. Our review will identify any measures that need to be implemented to bring your website up to this reasonable standard of security.

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